Where do you get your email list ?

We collect all email list from business, personal and they are all safe email list GUARANTEED. Our solo ads email list has been bolt from a variety of good sources, solo ads, swaps, giveaways, PPC, big corporate, small business, personal lists and so on.

How effective is your solo ads ?

Very effective !  Considering you are wasting time and money in other email list or solo ads.  You don’t need to look further.  Our solo ads can help to boost to sell your products and increase your traffic.

Do you guaranteed clicks from your solo ads ?

We guaranteed the number of clicks from your order.  Most of the time, we will even over deliver it to make sure our solo ads will reach your guaranteed clicks.  However, we do not guaranteed of your sales.  Your sales will depends on number of factors for example the nature of your products or services and your conversion pages.

Do you guaranteed that my products will sell from your solo ads ?

No, as I mentioned before that your sale will depends on the nature of your products and services plus your websites and your conversion pages.  We will only guaranteed the number of clicks we delivered.

Do you have any restriction of the products that use your solo ads ?

Generally NO.  However, we reserved our right to reject any order that deems to be illegal or unacceptable by law or ethnic.  I will refund your order if your products or services do not satisfy me.  If you are not sure, please email us first.

How come your price is more expensive than others ?

We spent a lot of time to collect our email list and make sure our email lists are updated.  We updated our email list everyday and collect our email lists from every corner of the world.  Don’t trust the cheap service, there is no free lunch.  After you try our service, you know the difference.

Do you offer any refund if your solo ads do not sell my products ?

Based on the nature of our services, we do not offer any refund.  However, we usually will over delivered your solo ads and if you feel that there is any problem, please email us first.  Our solo ads has been helping hundreds of big corporation and small business to increase their conversion, traffic and revenue making.

How long it have to take to send out all the solo ads in my package ?

It will depend how many orders we had.  We will usually sent out your order about 72 hours (3 days) but sometime it might take longer time due to heavy order.  We need to maintain our quality so we limit the number of solo ads sent out every day.

Is your solo ads will improve my traffic and ranking in Google or Yahoo ?

Our solo ads will definitely improve your traffic, however, ranking in Google or Yahoo depends a lot of factors like landing page, conversion, on page optimisation and off page optimisation…etc.

Targeted email marketing – Importance of long-term success

Marketing is a continuous and never-ending task for online businesses looking at long-term sustainability and success. Along with other forms of marketing like the social marketing, pay per click, article marketing, hub pages and much more, online businesses should look at implementing targeted email marketing. With greater importance given to consistent communication by both the businesses and the target audience, this is one of the most effective methods of marketing for online businesses. The targeted email marketing implementation helps businesses to show greater attention to the changing needs and interests of the target audience.

Interestingly, targeted email marketing enhances the lead generation ability of the online businesses on a consistent basis. It also helps increase the repeated visits to the website resulting in higher ROI. It also provides an opportunity to personalize the email based on the specific category of target audience in perspective. The classification of the email campaign can be done on population, behavioural and ethnic components of the target audience.

Targeted email marketing

Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing

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Email marketing helps create a niche for the business that can lead to consistent business generation. In order to achieve higher profitability from the marketing campaign, businesses should consistently work on creating attractive and non-spam contents with expertise and clear thought process to elicit higher response from the target audience. It is beneficial to look at implementing the targeted email marketing with opt-in email lists rather than a non-constructive and random email lists. This would help the business in enhancing the response ratio for the campaign leading to higher return on investment.

Next, targeted email marketing can be implemented without any major investment. No additional software would be required to implement this marketing campaign. It also enables the businesses in real time assessment and monitoring of the process through click through and response ratios. It is however, important to ensure that the contact details and email id are genuine and legitimate. Marketers would have to continuously work on carefully designing the layout and colours for the newsletters to be sent to the target audience. Email marketing helps in dynamic list management and easy list creation facility. Marketers can carry out easy editing and scheduling of the targeted email marketing campaigns.

Another advantage is that targeted email marketing can ensure that the business establishes long-term relationship with the audience base, higher level of trust and loyalty. It is one of the most effective and economical ways of promoting products and services of the online business. By choosing opt in email lists, businesses can avoid the risk of the mails getting spammed or blocked leading to inefficiency of the campaign. It is very important for the businesses to continuously work on the quality of the message and email list. It is very easier to build great reputation for being customer centric through effective implementation of targeted email marketing.

In order to achieve higher return on investment through targeted email marketing, businesses can look to hire the services of professional email marketers. These with relevant experience and skill would not only bring optimum implementation of the process but also help enhance opt in email list through larger subscriber base leading to greater reach. The professionals would ensure that the emails do not get spammed and reach only those interested, niche target audience who were keen on receiving communication about the products and services offered by the business house.

Implementing targeted email marketing with the help of professional consultants would professionalize the process thereby creating a perfect first impression on the target audience resulting in higher trust and loyalty. Last but not least, targeted email marketing helps create global reach for the business at extremely lesser costs. It provides opportunity to make the process interactive and highly personalized. It helps build round the clock advertising for the company with ability to measure the results for future optimization.