Solo Ads Advertising

Solo Ads Advertising – How  Works

Solo ads advertising has become an integral part of online advertising these days. So, solo ads advertising has received wide acceptance for the fact that it’s extremely effective in comparison to many other online advertisement methods. Let’s take the example of regular advertising – be it direct advertising or private advertising services such as Google Ads, we can see that click through rate is very low when you opt for these types of advertisements. You can opt for banner ads or text ads for these services. Yes, since these websites have millions of visitors every day chances are high for your ads to be seen by many. But then only a small fraction ever clicks on your ad. In the end, the conversion rate is also very low. So, one can see that many of these online advertising services are not really helpful when you need to have some real quick conversion. And solo ads advertising find its significance in scenarios like this. Let’s see more of solo ads advertising and the benefits.

Solo ads advertising

Solo Ads Advertising

Solo Ads Advertising


For the uninitiated, solo ads advertising works with the help of email. Or in other words, it’s a simple email marketing solution. But you need to realize that solo ads advertising not about sending spam emails to random email accounts. Email lists only consist of potential customers who are looking forward to updates on products & services in the particular niche. So, if it’s done properly, then there is no better online advertising strategy than this to have some conversion. Also, most of the solo ads advertising agencies fulfill their promise within 2-3 days itself. Yes, it’s that fast! You will have the desired traffic sooner than you expected and that’s what sets it apart from many other online advertising solutions.

Especially if you have an online business, solo ads advertising is the best advertising solution for you. As for news or entertainment websites, the revenue is generated from the advertisements on their website. For them, number of visitors and page view matters a lot. In that case solo ads advertising may not be the most feasible solution since solo ads advertising charge good sum for their service. So, for couple of page views you may not want to pay a huge price. But in case of an e-commerce website or online business, every single visitor is a potential customer. These visitors may become customers sooner or later. So, it doesn’t matter if you have only a couple of visitors if the chances of them becoming a potential customer are high.  So, for an online business, it’s not about the number of visitors but about the quality visitors who are interested in buying your service or product. So, if you have an online business, you should take the help of solo ads advertising solution.

How do solo ads advertising work? Well, your advertisement will be sent out in the form of an article to those who are on the mailing list. As we have already stated, these people are not some random people. They have listed themselves to be a recipient of such emails since they want to know about the latest services & products pertaining to that particular niche. So, you don’t have to worry about whether they will read it or not. However, the success of your campaign from this point onward depends on a quality solo ad. It has to be catchy. If it’s not, they won’t bother to visit your website after checking out the advertisement. With an interesting advertisement, you will be able to have potential customers flocking to your website in no time. But remember, it may not result in conversion right away. Some of those customers would bookmark your website for a future reference. In any case, you have got the attention of a potential customer with solo ads advertising!