Email List – Advantages of having it

Email marketing continues to be a major part of the online promotion and communication strategy for both large and small businesses. Today, businesses are increasingly relying on the web and they focus on meeting their prospects where they are most likely to be receptive. The most effective strategy would be to build an email list based on permission and containing all your customers and prospects.

For most of the people, email communication has become a regular part of the daily life. People are using emails for getting updates about their favorite products or services, reading online newsletters and sharing information about new methods to manage their health challenges. Entities ranging from individuals to corporations are using emails for daily communications.

Email List

email list

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The advantage of using email list is that they help in instantly and effectively distributing messages to larger number of people who have consented to receive the emails. Such recipients are otherwise known as subscribers. Such communication is also known as permission-based or opt-in emails.

Overall, email list is classified into two main categories –discussion list and announcement list. The simplest difference between the two is that an announcement list can get messages only through a list editor or owner, while any member can send messages to the entire list in the case of discussion lists. The later may not even require any type of moderation.

The uses of announcement lists include email newsletters, alerts and special offers. on the other hand, discussion email list can be used for building virtual communities for bringing larger groups together for discussing different topics.

There are many advantages of using email list for email marketing, with the major one being relatively higher ROI compared to traditional forms of promotions. It has been found in several research studies that email marketing offers better ROI compared to telemarketing and direct mail. In an economic condition when businesses are cutting down their marketing expenses, there is an increase in email marketing.

An email list gives you an immediate method of communication to reach your customers, clients and prospects. Traditional forms of marketing can take a longer period to take the message across to your audience. In addition, there is a higher chance that your target audience would see an email than traditional advertisements.

Another advantage of using an email list is that it can help as a big tool in prospect conversion. Keep in mind that not every visitor to your site is going to make a purchase. However, email marketing gives you the chance to remain on the top of their mind through regular reminders using your emails. This would give you a chance to convert maximum possible prospects.

The next benefit of using email list is that it would help you learn about your audience. Regular contact with your audience through email marketing would help you understand what their interests are and their triggering points.

You can compare the effectiveness of several campaigns and check direct feedbacks from the members to customize your efforts for matching the needs and interests of the target market.

The advantage of having an email list that is permission based is that you would be able to spread the word about your business’ new product releases, sales achievements, special offers and promotions. When your recipients find your messages useful or interesting, they can forward your messages and increase the scope of your campaign beyond your email list.

Therefore, if you want to make your marketing campaign effective, it is extremely important to add the email marketing strategy. In such a case, building a targeted, relevant and up-to-date email list is of utmost importance.